Sealed With A Kiss

4 min readJan 4, 2022

Introducing SWAK: An Advice Column coming February 1st 2022

You probably don’t remember the moment in 2019 when my Grandmother, then the age of 81, looked at me and said, “Fuck the shoulds.”

Don’t worry, I’ll remind you. But, before I do that, I’m going to tell you the most important thing about this story.

Beginning February 1st, Sealed With A Kiss (SWAK) will be live.

SWAK: an Advice Column answers your life’s questions every week. From dating, to family, to work, to food, to what should I do about this green color on my toe nail? You ask the questions that are burning the most in your mind.

You even get to pick a pen name to stay anonymous. How exciting is that? Very, Janet. The answer is very exciting.

The links above and this link here will bring you to the publication’s page.

Click the link in the about section to anonymously ask your questions.

Bonus: There will be guest writers responding to letters throughout the year.

The column was inspired by a series of events and curiosities over the last 3 years, including this “fuck the shoulds,” situation by my grandmére.

So on with the “Fuck The Shoulds” story as promised, shall we:

Photo by Nadir sYzYgY on Unsplash

My 2018 included this:

  • My best friend’s father had passed away
  • I became engaged
  • That engagement was riddled with turmoil and was cancelled, not by me, two days before the wedding.
  • Very drunk
  • Very sober

In 2019, I sold the home I owned with my new ex, I quit my jobs, left the country and vowed to refuse the advice or consult of any person around me.


Living between Seattle & Paris. Student of people, self, French, and yoga in between.